Guitar Center wants to increase their digital presence by providing a new platform for musicians to connect and collaborate with one another

Duration: 2 weeks       Team: 3 UX Designers 


My Role:  User research, usability testing, wireframing,

                  competitive analysis, mockups


Digital Desktop Wireframes

Digital mobile Wireframes

Looking at the market, I identified what tools, platforms and features were being used for people to connect and collaborate online. 


This provided an opportunity to consolidate social network trends, music streaming features and professional networking methods to create a new platform.



User research was conducted with close to 30 interviews of seasoned music professionals, bedroom musicians, booking agents, Guitar Center employees, managers and customers.

The data established Guitar Center as a central hub for musicians and fans to socialize and share musical interests. The sense of community and education provided a great structure for an online platform.



We synthesized our research using the commonalities from our data to produce our personas and user flows.  

Our personas consisted of an industry star, a professional booking agent and a bedroom musician. Based on their needs, we were able to map out some user flows and identify the key insights from each persona.

The insights provided clarity for the key features to meet the needs of our users. 


The user flows distilled certain features to be included based on the needs of the personas, including finding the "right" people to collaborate with, gain exposure and discover legitimate talent. Some features to meet these needs included a  a "request intro" button to filter out unwanted connections, a portfolio page to promote yourself and specific focused search abilities.



Once the digital wireframes were completed, I created a navigational mockup with Invision for usability testing.  



The usability testing proved extremely helpful. The users we tested with gave excellent feedback in explaining and demonstrating problem areas of the mockup.




This allowed us to distill the design down to an easier and more clear design, which later proved to be much more intuitive for our users.  




Guitar Center wanted to improve their digital presence by offering tools to enable musicians the ability to connect and collaborate online. The way to do so was to find out exactly what their clients and users desired for an online experience. 

User research was at the heart of this project. While every individual specializes in specific areas, be it production, performance, marketing or business, the key element we uncovered was the ability to meet the "right people". Our platform provides the opportunity to discover people based on user specific needs and the resources to build a network and promote ones self as an artist or music professional. 


Since our project was based around the concept of helping musicians collaborate with each other, my teamate and I thought it would be a great opportunity to actually collaborate on a music track together. Here is a quick snippet of a track we made together in a matter of a couple of hours. My teammate played the piano and I handled the rest.

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